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Wine tour for RVs Beaufort’s new tourism plan

Marketing wine tourism in the Pyrenees to recreational vehicles is the next step for the Beaufort Progress Association in preparation for bypass.

TOURISM OPPORTUNITY: Beaufort is becoming RV friendly town to attract ‘grey nomad’ tourists. 5-year-old Indigo, 4-year-old Ivy, Brett Phelps, 2-year-old Hemi, Josie Kelly, Heather McCracken, Karen Mansen, Carol Hutchines and Bob Bramwell are on board. Picture: Lachlan Bence

The association is working to create a two week winery tour for RVs in November, combining wine marketing with efforts to capture grey nomad tourists. 

The event would form a part of a movement to raise the profile of the Pyrenees wine region and promote Beaufort as a tourist destination in the lead up to the Western Highway bypass. 

Beaufort Progress Association member Heather McCracken said the idea of the RV wine tour followed moves to make Beaufort an RV friendly town.

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