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Pyrenees Farm Gate Trail

Beaufort Progress Association have commenced a new project: The Pyrenees Farm Gate Trail.

The goal of this new project is to create a Farm Gate Trail: a food and wine trail that will continue to evolve and grow into the future. Farm gates can be wine, fresh produce, flowers, plants, dairy, meat, jams, wine…. whatever is grown or created here in the Pyrenees region of Victoria.

A farm gate trail will be a great addition to our wonderful Pyrenees wineries. Food tourism is another way to attract visitors whether that be day trippers from Ballarat or weekenders from Melbourne / Geelong

 Liza Robinson leads the project and can be contacted on or 0414 082 754

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Servo Project

In 2019, the old servo at 23 Neill Street Beaufort began a new phase of its life.

Beaufort Progress Association INC secured the lease on the old servo and began the process of repair and restoration. This was a massive task.

BPA INC then secured a $67K grant to develop a Co-Working space and contemporary Art Hub at the servo.

The project was named Servo@23 and has been progressing beautifully with new livery from Beaufort locals Tim Sutherland and indigenous landscaping from Carmichael Stabbins.



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Sara Kittelty to be ambassador for revamped Beaufort market

Beaufort Progress Association is working to launch a new-look market as part of plans to prepare the town for highway by-pass.

FROM FARM TO MARKET: Cafe owner Sara Kittlelty has been announced as the new Beaufort Town Market ambassador.

Ballarat cafe owner and long-time Beaufort resident Sara Kittelty has been announced ambassador, promoting the new market with a unique focus on community and history.

It will feature handmade and handcrafted products, old fashioned board games and cooking demonstrations.

The first Beaufort Town Market will be held on September 28 with future markets to fall on the fourth Saturday of every month.

“We want to play up on the town’s historic value and make it more of an old fashioned town market that provides entertainment as well.” Liza Robinson, Beaufort Progress Association

Beaufort Progress Association president Liza Robinson said the new-look market was in line with the association’s plan to make Beaufort a by-pass friendly tourism destination.

“Farmers markets are the current trend, but we don’t want to do it the same as Talbot or other towns,” she said. 

“We want to play up on the town’s historic value and make it more of an old fashioned town market that provides entertainment as well.” 

Music, community sausage sizzles, Devonshire teas, involvement from retailers, a focus on local produce, local artists and a variety of demonstrations are also part of the new market plan. 

Sara Kittelty, owner of Kittelty’s cafe at the Art Gallery of Ballarat, said she was proud to be approached as the first ambassador for the market.

She will present three workshops this year.

Beaufort Progress Association took on the role after being approached by the Pyrenees Shire Council to run the market.

Visit Beaufort Town Market on Facebook for updates.

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Beaufort Progress Association Awarded a Volunteer Grant

Beaufort Progress Association INC met with Dan Tehan after successfully being awarded a Volunteer Grant to assist with the redevelopment of the Beaufort Market.

SEVERAL community organisations in Beaufort have received federal funding after Member for Wannon Dan Tehan visited the region on Friday.

Mr Tehan announced $3400 from the Volunteer Grants Program for the Beaufort Progress Association to purchase a new public address system, and $4000 for the 1st Beaufort Scout Group for leadership training, more excursions, and some kitchen equipment.

Another $150,000 was granted to the Beaufort Walkability Project, and $20,000 to upgrade the Dressage and Jumping Arena for the Beaufort and District Adult Riding Club.

The Walkability Project will improve cycling and walking tracks in Beaufort.

Progress Association president Liza Robinson said it was the first volunteer grant they had applied for and will go towards equipment for a new project.

“We’re going to be using it pretty much for the market to purchase a PA System and a laptop to run the new market,” she said.

The Beaufort Town Market will launch on September 28, with subsequent markets running on the fourth Saturday of every month. 

The market will be held in the Beaufort Memorial Gardens as per the previous market, right in the heart of Beaufort.

Beaufort Progress Association Inc have appointed Sara Kittelty as the Beaufort Town Market’s ambassador. 

Ms Kittelty is a long- time resident of Beaufort and owner of the well known Kittelty’s Cafe at the Art Gallery of Ballarat.

“Beaufort has everything to offer a young family,” Ms Kittelty said. 

Ms Kittelty originally started the Beaufort market back in 2005 when she was working for the Beaufort Community House and Learning Centre, and said she was excited about the new market.

“I was proud to be approached as the 1st Ambassador of the new Beaufort Town Market,” Ms Kittelty said.

She will also present three workshops herself at the market during the coming year.

There will also be monthly cooking demonstrations, music, board games, children’s activities and more at the family friendly market.

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Wine tour for RVs Beaufort’s new tourism plan

Marketing wine tourism in the Pyrenees to recreational vehicles is the next step for the Beaufort Progress Association in preparation for bypass.

TOURISM OPPORTUNITY: Beaufort is becoming RV friendly town to attract ‘grey nomad’ tourists. 5-year-old Indigo, 4-year-old Ivy, Brett Phelps, 2-year-old Hemi, Josie Kelly, Heather McCracken, Karen Mansen, Carol Hutchines and Bob Bramwell are on board. Picture: Lachlan Bence

The association is working to create a two week winery tour for RVs in November, combining wine marketing with efforts to capture grey nomad tourists. 

The event would form a part of a movement to raise the profile of the Pyrenees wine region and promote Beaufort as a tourist destination in the lead up to the Western Highway bypass. 

Beaufort Progress Association member Heather McCracken said the idea of the RV wine tour followed moves to make Beaufort an RV friendly town.

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